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Google Seo Tips for quick ranking by Roy Digital


hi friends hi hello this side Roy Digital back again and today we will learn that SEO in just 17 minutes yes guys it really did happen in SEO I will mention some few of the very basic and important point where you can rank easily in Search Engine result page which which is known as SERP's okay So, let the move move into what all we can do so that we can rank well with certain keywords into google search and believe me Google is one of the biggest Search Engine in this world so that you can rank easily and if you can rank easily believe me you are going to get a lot of traffic to your site so what is the first point we should that we should learn in SEO okay let's see tell me you're in the slide you will learn how to write SEO optimized content ok so let's see what all you are going to learn the very first thing guys it is absolutely true yes content is the king well if you're not writing a very valuable content right so you you are not able to rank in Google searches and believe me that is absolutely right that content is the king whatever you are writing please write fresh please write unique and try to get more value to your content so that people can read it and no matter how expert you are in a SEO of course no matter if your content don't have value you cannot ranked your website on google search engine result page and that is absolutely true ok so that is why we need to optimize that your content should be very valuable ok let's see what all we can do to make to give a value to our to our content right so let's move it the very first thing is that you can do for your site is Right unique and fresh content ok so if you're writing a content which is unique like no other people have written that he sort of content before to you but believe me you are going to rank very fast and fresh content means like you know that it's first time the people are writing and the nobody else have written it so far that the same content and nobody has published that yet ok so then in that case you are going to definitely rank you must not copy any other already published content that is quite obvious why would you go and copy somebody else's content if the content is already there in the internet there is no need to publish it again you can just modify those content as for your words but don't copy as it is which is already been published otherwise you will get penalised by google ok so try to write as fresh as you can from your bottom of the heart for example I should know i should know what I'm going to write otherwise uh I i will get get any value from google and Google will not going to give me any rank because Google has already a lot of content available or for that particular subject so why should they give me a rank ok so please try to write something fresh and something unique once you write must check the plagiarism of your content like you know the plagiarism will give you an idea that may be co-incidently you have written something which has already been published in the Google so don't don't do that okay your content must be minimum eighty percent unique for example if I'm writing something on the subject on some particular subject that subject needs to be unique but a eighty percent unique is fine because you know 20-perfcent maybe copied maybe I'm giving some references to our big quotations are coming in quotations from from very bigger personalities so it may go the same ok it we cannot modify their content of the of their quotation what they have said so of course that would be let's not be unique in that case 80 percent uniqueness is justified so any 80 percent content can be unique original rest 20 percent can be copied so then you are not going to penalized by Google okay i hope you understand let's move into the new slides which says word count, yes word count is very important guys, write more than minimum 400 words if you wish to rank in Google search engine result pages right so if you're not writing more than four hundred words and you are writing less than 400 words believe me you are not going to rank at Google anyhow because google is something which are which needs content more and more content of as much content you can feed to google, google will be after you so don't try to write a less than 400 words if you wish to rank on Google that is the first thing Second, it has been sees that word count of 700 800 words rank very often and believe me if you're going to write 700 – 800 words and more than that who are the more that because you will get more value by other people who are writing the same content or who are writing that sort of content below or less than your words the quantity so you will get the more preferences of the people who are writing less words that you okay so try to write more and more words another slide says language yes, language ease how easily you are going to elaborate or how easy are going to tell your words in English so try to write as easy as possible you feel don't try to write a very complicated English no of course not because google bots discourage those type of complicated English try to write a really simple english I am boy my name is this and I lived in i lived here to this type of easy language is always considerable ok and third is try to avoid passive voice always use active voice don't try to write on behalf of somebody else's ok right you're active voice and a simple English Ok, and then write small sentences of 10-12 words maximum don't try to right a very long heavy words which will make a reader bore which will lead to definitely will give a boredom to your readers if you will write a very long sentences and which will not make sense the case to try to write small and small words and sentences ok so that is what the language is now content decoration ease now conent decoration is very important to divide your entire content into several paragraphs for example if you're trying to write a very good number of words in your entire topic so what you can do you can divide your entire content into into several paragraphs and one paragraph must contain 70-80 word's maximum so, always use bullet points to mention your step of your content that that of course because bullet points are the easiest way to read any steps or any points which you would like to mention in your content so try to write it ok so that is that is what the bullet point is very necessarily ok what's that first pargraph must start wiith a headline which will get a tag of H1 always start with headline of the any topic because without the headline we cannot judge that what we are going to read in the paragraph so always keep headline and please tag it as an h1 which is a which is a as absolutely an HTML code so of course you can give a H1 tag You can learn from any other videos of mine videos of mine here in the channel but right now just try to understand he you need to just include a headline of a 2-1 ok let's move to the next slide of it here in this slide correct language use always good grammer if you are not that good in English than do one thing a hire somebody on behalf of you who can write a good English and avoid spelling errors believe me I do a lot of spelling errors so, that's why I try to avoid it spelling errors are not considerable not unnecessary population lacks know gamma north miami garland north of years and no unnecessary anything ok so try to avoid it noble forms an extensive capitalization don't try to write the entire content into capital letters no don't do that believe me that is that in raticate now park that is yours a game of keyword without keyword insertion know as you can happen ever ok so that is what I'm going to see what all you need to maintain in this contained keyboard entry key replacement and keyword approximately what all of those days let's read so the way for us and keyword consideration now what you need to do you have to use minimum one person to maximum different types of the fewest ratio for example in writing thousand words and they contain so what goes in 10 times I can repeat the keyword into that content and maximum is a revised version yeah anybody's works pretty forward I can repeat but that doesn't mean that you are going to repeat again and again those left like if my then okay if I'm writing by one worden i multiply times you can write your primary keywords and maximally the later in time that is if i'm adding I work okay the one thing but not try to repeat again again at the key word again k liye like that it Mike you what is a black shoes so don't the right back to black slacks black black shoes again and again try to write black shoes black boots black of formal shoes so you can use an audience of that work cake so keyword placement of course heading one of your content around the keywords what it was ahead of you I think please try to write your primary keyword intellect getting that would give the relevancy of your content for the keyword first line of your backup must continue pragmatic you again so you're going to write a paragraph the first bag off and the fourth and market in your friend Ricky would again that will give a relevant piece to your keyword selected then everything got the tent at least one planet the keyword respective workplaces temple now rest of the background of course you can you have to write your family would do it but that doesn't mean that you're going to write at the race was intense know that is only applicable for the pause paragraph ok so use more than more coming words as I said Alice eyes of the gravity would so what I was saying the war again and again don't write the theme word into the interview and that content for example your family keywords dog training so don't a photography drop training dog training dog training don't in respect of dog training you can i Papa training training dog training guided trip so this is what you can do right now the next keyword proximity he was possibly the capping between yogi with his honesty with proximity for example dogs training is your primary keyword but there is no gas in between but if you are writing dogs are your friends that training necessary there's a cabin between your keywords and that is not a keyword proximately dogs are our friends their training so they have at five world watching for you fold forwards between men that again also it will count as LT work but as the cabbages between then that is fine but the right to Whitecap more and more gaps ok so that is what is suggested as a key word proximate and the next is regulation you have enough optimizer content about this way you can optimize the entire content and you you can start ranking and SEO better than thistle and this is the only thing which makes me always a higher rank or that actually gives me a high-ranking into my own content so if you really like this with you and if you really are loved what I have done sure to please like this video and subscribe to the channel thank you guys have a nice day bye.

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White Board Wednesday: Five SEO Tips for Your Church Website

Andy: Hey guys, I am Andy and it is WhiteboardWednesday, where we unpack information that helps your church.

If you could do us a huge favor, please likeand share this video so we can continue putting out helpful content like this for you guysevery single week.

So today I am here with Wes, our residentSEO expert, who last week let us know some things not to do on our church website forour SEO.

Well this week, he's put together a list ofsome things that we should do to better help our SEO and to better rank on Google.

Wesley: Yeah, exactly Andy.

So last week, if you didn't catch that video,go back and watch that.

That will help you make sure you're not doingthings that are hurting your SEO on your website.

But today, let's talk about what's gonna help.

So just a recap real quick, SEO–what arewe talking about? Search Engine Optimization.

Things you can do on your site that will helpyou rank higher when people search for your church on Google.

So let's jump right in.

Tip #1 is, Write good content.

Now you think this goes without saying, butsome church websites, you go on, Andy, and they don't actually have very much text contentabout their church.

Like especially on their home page, maybethey have an About Us page that has some text content, but it's just not really there.

Maybe there's like a giant slideshow withstock photography or something that's not very personable, and it's just not a goodidea.

You wanna make sure you have solid content,text content, about your church using images that are actually of your church.

So that's really important.

Also, you wanna make sure that it's of decentlength.

You don't wanna just have a couple lines aboutyour church.

Make sure you have several paragraphs on anAbout Us page, and even on the Home page, make sure you have like maybe a paragraphof just solid text content that talks about your church.

That's really gonna help.

And lastly, make sure it's grammatically correct.

Proofread through that, make sure words arespelled right.

Andy: We've all been there, we go to a websiteand it's like "Whoa, did they proofread this?" Wesley: Yeah, you'd be amazed at how oftenwords are misspelled.

So that's #1.

Probably one of the most important things.

That's why I put it as #1.

Ok, #2, really important that you use keywords.

Now, Andy, keywords are words that peopleare going to search on Google or one of these search engines to try to find your church,ok.

The most common keywords are going to be yourchurch name and then your city name.

And people might not necessarily search specificallyfor your church, but they'll probably search for something like "church in [your city name]".

So you wanna make sure you're using thosekeywords, cause you're not gonna rank, your website is not gonna rank for words that aren'tactually on your website if that makes sense.

So sometimes people are like, "Why is my churchsite not ranking? Like even if I search specifically for mychurch name, it's not showing up.

" Let me ask you, are those keywords actuallyon your website anywhere? You wanna make sure they're there.

Now there's a few places you absolutely wannamake sure that those keywords are at.

Your church name and your city name.

The most important one is the title tag onyour web pages, especially your Home page.

Make sure that title tag has your church nameand your city name and that's gonna help you out a lot.

Also with keywords, there's something calleda meta description on your web page.

And that's what shows up underneath of thetitle on Google, where your title will show up.

Right underneath there, there's like a couplesentences, not very long.

Andy: Yeah, it's like only a couple lines.

Wesley: Yeah, that's what that meta descriptionis.

You also wanna throw in a couple keywordsthere to help, and that just helps people visually to see, what is this link about,and it will help them click through to your website.

So keywords are really important then.

Also in your content itself, we talked about,you know, talking about your church, well, with good content.

Make sure you're using those keywords, yourchurch name and your city name.

Not stuffing keywords so it's obnoxious andnot easy to read.

Andy: That was a myth that you talked aboutlast week is to not– just to use it as much as is natural.

Wesley: Exactly, cause if you use it too much,you'll actually get penalized.

But you do wanna use it, don't leave themout.

It's important that you have keywords.

Ok, so let's move on, #3–This is also reallyimportant: Claim or create your Google business listing.

Now, obviously, a church isn't a business,but Google has business listings, basically any kind of local organization can claim it.

And here's why this is really important: becausewhen people search–I just did today just to test–I searched for churches in Fresno,and the first thing that pops up are Google business listings, but it's for churches.

And you wanna make sure that you're on thatlist.

And hopefully you get higher in that list.

So create or claim it, and then also, onceyou have it, you wanna make sure that your church website is in that business listingso that people can go to your website.

Also you wanna make sure you're uploadingrelevant photos of your church, you know, like your pastor preaching or your worshipteam or that kinda thing.

Make sure it has good photos on there.

So this is really important.

Andy: You don't wanna just claim it and leaveit alone? Wesley: No, if it's just blank, people arelike, "Well, this is cool, but I don't see anything about it, I can't find out any informationabout it.

" So that's really important.

Alright, let's go on, #4: Submit a sitemapto Google.

Now that sounds kinda scary, cause a lot ofpeople might not know what that means.

It is a little bit more technical, but fortunately,we're gonna have some links, if you view this video on ChurchHacks, there's gonna be somelinks that will help you with some of this more complicated stuff.

Submit a sitemap to Google–what is that? That's going to inform Google of all the pageson your website, so Google knows to index all of them.

Maybe some of your pages haven't been indexedby Google, so you wanna get all the pages on your website indexed.

Ok, let's move on.

Last one: Make your site mobile friendly.

Andy, have you ever been on a website on yourphone and everything's tiny.

Andy: Absolutely.

Wesley: Andy you can't– it's so hard tonavigate.

That's because it's not mobile friendly.

And so you definitely wanna make sure yourwebsite is mobile friendly.

And this is important for SEO because Googlewill actually penalize you–if people are searching on their phone or mobile device,your ranking will be penalized because Google knows, hey this site's not mobile friendly.

There's a really easy thing you can do online,if you're like, "I don't even know if my site's mobile friendly.

" There's a simple test.

If you just Google "Mobile Friendly Test"that link is gonna pop up and you'll be able to enter your church website and it will tellyou if your site's mobile friendly or not.

If it's not, you wanna make sure that you'reusing a website template that is mobile friendly, or you could hire a developer to fix thatfor you, so.

Andy: Because honestly, most people are searchingfor churches on their phones.

Wesley: Exactly.

Andy: Hardly anyone does it on their computersanymore.

Wesley: That's what's crazy, is mobile trafficand mobile viewing/browsing is actually higher than desktop now.

Andy: Wow.

Wesley: So that's super important.

So I hope this has been helpful.

Andy: Yeah, well perfect! Thanks for putting this list together forus, Wes.

I know it was helpful to me and we hope itwas helpful to you guys.

And if you do have any questions regarding SEO,please let us know in the comments below and if there's anything else we can kinda do tohelp your SEO, please let us know.

If this video was helpful to you guys, pleaselike and share.

And this was Whiteboard Wednesday and we willsee you guys next week.

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How To View CTR || How Much CTR Is Safe || SEO Tips For Safe CTR || Safe From Google Adsense Block

Welcome To My Channel Please Subscribe My Channel CTR : Click Through Rate Your CTR Rate Should Not Above 15% Login Your Google Adsense Account Performance And Repors There Are 2 Solutions To Keep Safe Your CTR First Solution : Disable Your Monetization Secong Solution : Report Of Invalid Click Form Thanx For Watching My Video Please Like And Share This Video Don't Forget To Subscribe My Channel.

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SEO Tutorial – The Official Google SEO Guide for 2017 – Learn SEO Tips

Now the next I�m going to show you is howto look at Google�s own SEO guide.

So, if you go to Google and search using thephrase �Google SEO Guide�, you will get results like this.

You see this one, it�sa PDF file and open it up it will look something like this.

Another great thing about this, is that this is not my opinion, or somebody else�s opinion,this is a guide direct from Google.

So, look at the table of contents here, asyou can see we�ve got a little bit about SEO basics, then bits on how to create goodtitles and good descriptions.

And then there is a section on improving yoursite structure and improving the structure of your URLs, your website addresses.

Tips on how to make your site easier to navigate.

Tips on optimising content.

Tips on how to offer good quality and services.

A section on how to write better anchor text.

If you�re not familiar with the phrase �anchor text�, it is the text within a text link.

So, for instance, when you see something like �Click here to download our free tips andtricks�, quite often the words �Click Here� is the bit that you click on, thatwould be the anchor text.

That would be a terrible example of how to use anchor textin terms of SEO.

As we will see there are much better waysof using anchor text to improve your SEO.

Then down here is a section on optimisingyour images and how to make those work for your SEO.

Similarly, there is a section on how to use headings properly.

How to deal with crawlers.

Crawlers are things like the �Google bot� which are bits of software that crawl theweb looking for new websites and following links.

How to make effective use of something called the robots.

Txt file.

If that sounds complicated,as will see it�s very straightforward.

Then there is a section on �follow� and�nofollow� links, which again is quite important from an SEO point of view.

And then there�s a few sections here about mobile phones which are increasingly importantthese days.

And then this section how to use analysisof your site.

And also, how to promote your site in theright way, as opposed to the wrong way, because Google doesn�t mind you trying to promoteyour site using SEO.

but if you over optimise.

or use what is called �black hat� techniques,which are techniques that Google disapproves of, then you will end up getting banned.

And then finally, there is a section on something called the free �Webmaster Tools�.

Googlehaven�t yet got around to updating this document, the Webmaster Tools have been renamedthe �Google Console�.

Rather annoyingly, Google constantly rename things, so that whatused to be called the �Google Webmaster Guidelines� is now caught the �GoogleSearch Console�, but it�s the same thing.

And if you come down here, as you can seethe first section just talks about page titles, and there are some tips there and best practices.

And the next section talks about the �Description� and again tips and best practices.

And as you carry on down here, you can see it�s in the same vein.

It�s very muchaimed at people fairly new to SEO, but it�s still worth looking at, through even if youbeen doing SEO for a while, even if just to remind yourself of something you may haveforgotten about.

So, for instance, this is all about improvingthe structure of the URLs, and best practice, then how to use URLS, and what sort of wordsyou should use inside the URLs.

And as you come down here tips on making thesite easier to navigate.

And, what else have we got?More of the same there.

Then there�s a bit about site maps.

Thereare two types of site maps.

HTML site maps and XML site maps.

Against that sounds horriblycomplicated, but in actual fact want to start looking into it it�s very easy to do, especiallyif you�re using WordPress.

And then there is the usual Google mantraabout quality content and the fact that if you have quality content that will attractquality links.

Which is true.

It just takes a bit of timethat�s all.

And again, best practices there.

There is a section on writing better �anchor text�.

As I say �anchor text� is thetext within a text link.

And more of the same there.

How to optimise your images for SEO.

And again, best practices.

How to use headings properly, what are called H1�s, H2�s and H3�s.

Which are importantfor SEO.

A section here on the robots.

Txt file.

The difference between �follow� and �no follow� links, and why that is important.

Then there is a couple of pages here all about mobiles.

Which as I say, is getting increasinglyimportant these days.

Then as a section about promoting your websitein the right way, as opposed to the wrong way, which can get you banned.

Then lastly there is a section about the free �Webmaster Tools�.

As I say it�s nowcalled the �Google Search Console�, and if you�re serious about your SEO, this issomething you should install immediately.

Just go and search with the phrase �GoogleConsole�, the old name which was �Google Webmaster Tools�.

You will find the informationabout it, it�s a free tool from Google, and is absolutely vital, if you can take yourSEO seriously, then the first thing you do is install the Google Webmaster Tools� orthe �Google Console� as it is now called.

And then finally, you�ve got some sourcesof help here, forums and blogs and what have you.

Again, if you�re not familiar withthese, go check them out because there�s an awful lot of extra information there, up-to-dateinformation, new information that is coming out so if you want to keep abreast of thechanges within SEO, this is a good a way as any, of doing it.

They also have tips on howto hire an SEO expert.

But unfortunately, as you may have noticed there are an awfullot of bad SEO consultants out there, so you need to know what you doing, if you wish tohire someone else to do your SEO.

Or better as I always recommend, learn how to do SEOwhich really is not difficult, and do it yourself.

So, there you are, the Google Search Engineofficial starter guide, from Google.

Download it, print it, check it out, readit.

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