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SEO for Motovloggers and Youtubers


YouTube SEO: The Ultimate GuideThe Definitive Guide to Keyword ResearchYou probably already know that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine… …and a huge untapped traffic source.

(In fact, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day) Today I’m going to show you the ins and outs of YouTube SEO, including how you can rank videos in both Google and YouTube.

Free Bonus: Download a free checklist that will show you how to quickly execute this strategy.

Includes 2 bonus YouTube marketing techniques not found in the post.

My Top Ranking YouTube Videos Before we get into my YouTube SEO tutorial, I want to show you an example of a video that I’ve ranked for a competitive keyword: This video is ranking #1 for the keyword “SEO strategy“: youtube ranking Now that you can see that I know what I’m talking about, let’s dive into the step-by-step system that I used to generate this top-5 ranking.

Step #1: Find “Video Keywords” Like anything in SEO, the YouTube SEO process starts with keyword research.

Your goal is to find keywords that have YouTube results on the first page of Google.

These are called, “Video Keywords”.

Unlike a normal SERP with 10 webpage results, with Video Keywords, Google reserves a good chunk of the first page for video results: Google Video ResultsIn general, Google tends to use video results for these types of keywords: How-to keywords (“how to shave a cat”)Reviews (“Bluehost review”)Tutorials (“Setting up WordPress”)Anything fitness or sports related (“Cardio kickboxing”)Funny videos (“Cute animals”)Why is this important? Well, let’s say you optimize your video around a keyword that doesn’t have any video results in Google.

In that case, you’ll ONLY get traffic from people searching on YouTube.

But if you optimize for Video Keywords, you’ll also get targeted traffic to your video directly from Google’s first page.

How to Find Video Keywords The easiest way to find video keywords is to search for keywords in your niche.

Then see if any of the keywords you searched for have YouTube video results, like this: YouTube Results in GoogleSimple, right? Once you’ve found a Video Keywords, it’s time to check if there’s enough search volume for that keyword.

Because videos don’t take a ton of time to put together, you don’t need to go after keywords with massive search volumes.

Just make sure your target keyword gets at least 300 searches per month in Google (you can find this information using the Google Keyword Planner): GKP ResultsWhy 300 searches per month? If a keyword boasts at least 300 searches per month, then you know it also gets a decent amount of searches within YouTube itself.

And if you can get that video to rank in Google, then a lot of those 300+ monthly searches will click on YOUR video in the results.

That means you’ll get more high-quality traffic to your video, and ultimately, your site.

Here’s a Real Life Example Because Backlinko is in the SEO niche, I’m going to look for video keywords using searches like “keyword research tips”, “how to build backlinks” and “SEO tutorial”.

Bingo! The keyword “SEO tutorial” bring up two YouTube results in Google: SEO Tutorial ResultsSure enough, that keyword exceeds our minimum of 300 monthly searches: Monthly SearchesSo that would be a great keyword to create a video around.

Speaking of creating your video… Step #2: Make Your (Awesome) Video Like anything in business, the more you put into your video, the more you’ll get out of it.

Personally, I hire a professional videographer for the day, pay an editor to add graphics, rent a studio… The works.

Here’s an example of one of my most recent videos: Looks expensive, but it’s not.

That video only cost around $190 to produce.

If you’re on a really tight budget, you can record your voice over a PowerPoint presentation using ScreenCast-O-Matic ($15/year).

You don’t need to sweat production value in the beginning.

As long as your video is valuable and interesting to watch, you’re good to go.

I’m emphasizing quality so much because user engagement is THE most important YouTube ranking signal.

If your video stinks, it won’t rank…no matter how optimized it is for SEO.

Unlike Google — which can use backlinks and other signals to evaluate the quality of a piece of content — YouTube has no such luxury.

They judge your video’s quality based on how people interact with it.

The User Experience Metrics That YouTube Uses Here’s what YouTube uses to determine the quality of your video: Video retention: The percentage of your video people tend to watch (the more, the better).

Video_RetentionVIDEO TUTORIAL How to Quickly and Easily Boost Viewer Retention: 3 Simple Steps 1:56 Wistia video thumbnail – YouTube SEO: Viewer RetentionComments: If people comment, they probably enjoyed the video (or at least watched it).

Video CommentSubscribes after watching: If someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video that sends a HUGE signal that you have an amazing video.

YouTube Subscribe ButtonShares: How many people share your video on social media sites like Twitter and Google+.

YouTube Sharing IconsFavorites: The number of people that favorite your video or add it to their “Watch Later” playlist:Watch LaterThumbs up/Thumbs down: Self explanatory 🙂If you want to see how your videos are performing, you can see user experience data in your YouTube Analytics: YouTube AnalyticsIf you make a top-notch video you’re MUCH more likely to get high-retention views, likes, comments and all the things that YouTube likes to see in a video.

Make Your Video At Least 5-Minutes Long Like with text-based articles, longer videos rank better.

I consistently see longer videos outperforming shorter videos in YouTube and Google search.

For example, if you search in YouTube for the keyword “WordPress”, 3 out of the 4 top videos are an hour long.

YouTube Search Results ScreenshotSo aim for at least 5-minutes.

If it makes sense for your video to be even longer than that, go for it.

Don’t worry about your video being too long.

If it’s awesome, people WILL watch it.

OK so you’ve created your compelling video that’s 5-minutes or longer in length.

Nice work 🙂 Now it’s time to optimize your video and upload it to YouTube.

Step #3: Upload Your Video With YouTube SEO in Mind Here’s how to extract the most SEO value from your video.

Video Filename When you’re done with the video make sure that you use the keyword in the video’s filename.

For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword “weight loss tips”, you’d want to name your video weight_loss_tips_video.


Video_FilenameThis may not be a ranking factor.

But it doesn’t hurt 🙂 Video Title The title of your video should be at least 5-words long.

That way, you can include your full keyword without keyword-stuffing.

For example, my Advanced SEO video’s title is 5 words…only 2 of which are my target keyword: Video TitlePower Tip: Like with a blog post, I’ve found that you get a slight video SEO boost by putting your keyword at the beginning of the title.

So if you were trying to rank for “surfing tutorial” you’d want a title like: “Surfing Tutorial: Learn How to Ride a Wave Today”.

Description Your videos description is VERY important.

Because Google and YouTube can’t “listen” to videos, they rely on your text description to determine your video’s content.

Here are the basic guidelines for the description: Put your link at the very top of the video (this maximizes CTR to your site)Include your keyword in the first 25 wordsMake the description at least 250-wordsInclude your keyword 3-4 timesThis SEO-optimized description helps tell Google and YouTube what your video is about without being spammy.

Here’s an example of a description for a video optimized around the keyword “Advanced SEO”: YT DescriptionTags Tags aren’t super-important…but they help.

Just include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google learn what your video is about.

YT TagsTargeted tags not only help you rank for your target keyword… …but get you to you show up more often as a related video in the sidebar area of YouTube: YT SidebarWhen the video someone’s watching has a similar tag as your video– boom!– you’re added to the sidebar.

Once you’re done, hit “Save Changes” and your video will go live! Step #4: Get Video Views We talked a lot about user experience signals so far…which are REALLYimportant.

But in order for your video to rank for competitive keywords, it needs to get A LOT of views.

More views=higher rankings.

But there’s one catch… …the views need to be real.

YouTube has caught onto fake views.

That’s why I don’t recommend using a service on Fiverr to pump up your view count.

And as we already discussed, long-retention views are worth their weight in gold.

Here are some strategies you can use to get targeted views to your video: Mention Your Video on Quora and Other Q&A Sites Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and other Q&A sites are some of the most popular sites on the web (Quora rocks a top 500 Alexa ranking).

But if you try to go in there and plaster links all over the place, you’re going to get banned in a flash… …unless you link to YouTube.

Because you’re posting your video in a place where people are desperate for information on a given topic, the views you’ll get are extremely high-retention.

Just search for a question on your video’s topic: Quora Search ResultsAnd add a link to your video.

Or better yet, embed it into your answer: Quora AnswersLink To Your Video In Your Email Signature People that email you (like your mom) generally like you.

And if you’re like me, you get A TON of emails.

So when you add a link to your latest video in your email signature, that means you get high-retention views like they’re going out of style.

Email SignatureEmbed Your Videos in Blog Posts Whenever you write a blog post (on your site or as a guest post for another site), think to yourself: “Where can I embed a YouTube video into this post?” For example, when I published a case study about The Moving Man Method, I embedded a video to explain how the strategy worked: YouTube EmbedThis INSTANTLY got my video a few hundred high-quality views.

Here’s What To Do Next… If you want to get more traffic from YouTube, I’ve got something special for you.

It’s a step-by-step checklist that will show you the exact steps you need to take to get your videos ranking highly in YouTube and Google.

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Video SEO – How to Rank #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

– In this video, I'm gonnashow you my five-step process for ranking number one in YouTube.

I recently used this exactmethod to rank in the top three in YouTube for the keyword SEO.

I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketersturn for high rankings and more traffic.

And today, you're gonna learnthe five most influential video SEO ranking factorsto get your videos to the top of YouTube fast.

Keep watching.

A few years ago, my YouTubechannel was struggling.

I consistently created high quality videos that provided a ton of value.

But when I published my videos, crickets.

(cricket sounds) Needless to say, I was frustrated.

I knew that video was a powerful way to grow my online business, but I learned the hardway that video only works if people actually watch your videos.

And no, your mom watchingyour videos doesn't count.

Trust me.

Hey mom, I just publisheda new video on YouTube.

Can you watch it for me? Thanks mom, you're the best.

Flash forward to today andmy videos consistently get tens of thousands of views and hundreds of peoplesubscribe to my channel every single month.

My secret? I learned everything Icould about video SEO.

Unfortunately, most of theadvice that I initially read about ranking in YouTube didn't work.

You know the advice I'm talking about.

Put your keyword inyour video description.

Put keywords in your video filename.

Write 20 tags for every video.

Sure this stuff can help, but it's not gonna rocket your video to the top of Google or YouTube.

Why? Because everyone on YouTubeis doing the exact same thing.

After trying all thegeneric advice that I read and getting nowhere, I decided to run a bunch of experiments and that's when I learnedwhat really works.

Specifically, I discovered YouTube's five most important ranking factors and these are ranking factors that very few people know about.

Once I applied these rankingfactors to my videos, my rankings shot to the roof.

I started ranking forsuper competitive keywords like SEO, link building,how to get traffic and more.

And now it's time for me to share these five ranking factors with you and show you exactly how to use them to rank your videos in YouTube.

Let's start with step number one which is to create andpublish long videos.

You may have noticed that longer videos tend to perform better in YouTube.

Why? Well, YouTube's mostimportant ranking factor is your video's total watch time.

As you probably know, the moreof your video people watch, the better it tends to rank.

That's called audience retention which is an important ranking factor.

Even though audienceretention is important, it's not nearly asimportant as your video's total watch time.

That's because YouTubewants to promote videos that keep people on YouTubefor a long period of time.

So the more total minutespeople watch of your video, the more YouTube will wannarank it in the search results.

For example, let's saythat you just published two different videos.

Video one is two minutes long and video two is 10 minutes long.

And let's say that eachvideo gets 1,000 views and the audience retention for both videos is exactly the same, 50%.

That means that on average,people watch half of your video.

The total watch timefor the two-minute video would be 1,000 minutes.

But for the longer video, that video's watch timewill be 5,000 minutes.

That means that video numbertwo will have five times the watch time of video number one, which means that it'll likelyoutrank video number one.

That's the power ofpublishing longer videos.

In fact, my video that ranksin the top three for SEO is nearly 10 minutes whichis significantly longer than most videos on YouTube.

Because it's longer, my video accumulates more total watch time than my competitors.

And I'm able to rank above videos with significantly more views than mine.

Okay, let's move on to step number two which is to master the hook.

As I said, longer videostend to rank better because they accumulatemore total watch time.

But there's one bigproblem with this approach.

You have to keep someone'sattention on the internet.

Fortunately, my experiments have taught me that if you can hook someone in the first 15 seconds of your video, you've hooked them for good.

In fact, YouTube recommends that you focus on the first 15 seconds of your video to maximize watch time.

The question is, how do you hook people in the first 15 seconds of your video? Start your video off with the PPP formula.

The PPP stands forPreview, Proof, Preview.

Here's exactly how it works.

First, preview whatyour video is all about.

When I first started creating videos, my intros would go on and on about why my video's topic was important and these long-winded introswould make people click away.

Today, I cut out the fluff and tell them exactly what to expect.

For example, let's saythat your video outlines 10 paleo diet tips.

You wanna start off your video saying, "In this video, you're gonna learn "10 of my favorite paleo diet tips.

" That's it.

Next, it's time for the proof.

Here is proof that you can deliver.

You can mention thatyou've already accomplished what the viewer wants, that you have lots ofexperience in your field or that you've researcheda ton about your topic.

For example, you could say, "These are the same tips I used "to gain five poundsof muscle in 60 days.

" Finally, hit them with the preview again.

Here's where you reiteratewhat your video is about.

Now you obviously don't wanna just repeat what you said in the beginning.

Instead, mention somethingspecific from your video.

You can mention the number of tips, a detail from a case study or that you're gonna sharesomething completely new.

This will make your viewers curious and want to keep watching.

For example, you could say, "And today, you're gonnalearn about the so-called "healthy paleo diet foodthat's actually bad for you.

" Next up, we have putting yourexact keyword in your title.

There's no questionthat Google and YouTube are getting smarter everyday, which means the days ofkeyword stuff in your video to the top of YouTube are long gone.

That said, Google and YouTubeboth use your video's title to understand what your video is all about so make sure to includeyour exact keyword once in your title, preferably inthe beginning of your title.

For example, I created avideo that I wanted to rank for the keyword link building so I made sure to include myexact keyword link building in the beginning of the title and that helped it rank in the top three for my target keyword.

Okay, now it's time forranking factor number four which is to say yourkeyword in your video.

When I first got started with video SEO, I'd go back to old videos andoptimize them around keywords that I wanted to rank forand it very rarely works.

That's because Google and YouTube can now listen to your videos even without a transcript.

For example, let's saythat just published a video about healthy desserts.

Then a few weeks later, you realized that thekeyword healthy desserts is too competitive.

So you go back and optimizeit around a different keyword like low carb desserts.

Now this sounds smart, but it's something that doesn'twork as well as it used to.

Why? Even though the keyword low carb desserts may be in your title,description and tags, you never said thatkeyword once in the video.

YouTube knows this and it looks fishy.

To YouTube, your video isabout healthy desserts, but all of your on-page metadata says it's about low carb desserts so they won't rank you for either keyword.

That's why I always make sure to actually say my target keyword in every video.

For example, in my video about SEO, I made sure to say theword SEO a few times.

Simple yet effective.

Last up, we have user interaction signals.

YouTube wants to seethat people are actually interacting with your video.

The more people watch, like, subscribe and comment on your video, the higher your video willrank in YouTube search results.

Now the strategies thatI've showed you so far will help you naturally get more of these user interaction signals.

But there are two simple tacticsthat I use on every video to increase my video'suser interaction signals.

First, I add an annotationthat asks people to like my video.

After a lot of experimenting, I have found that this simple annotation significantly boosts the number of likes that my videos receive.

At the end of my video, I also ask people tosubscribe and comment, which also increasesthe amount of my videos' user interaction signals.

I was originally gonnaend the video right here, but I decided to throw ina quick bonus tip for you which is to optimizefor click-through rate.

When someone searchesfor something in YouTube, YouTube pays very close attention to what video they click on.

For example, let's sayyou rank number five for your target keyword.

As you probably know, videos ranking number one through four get the vast majority of clicks.

But for some reason, lots of people are clicking on your video in the search results.

What do you think YouTubewill think about your video? That it's a great result for that keyword and they'll give yourvideo a rankings boost to make it easier for people to find.

So how do you maximizeyour click-through rate? Well, YouTube displays threemain pieces of information in the search results,your title, your thumbnail and a snippet of your description.

Here's how to quickly optimize all three for click-through rate.

The key with your thumbnailis simply that it stands out.

That means that you wannacreate a custom thumbnail that looks different than the other videos that are on the first page.

For example, my video has acompletely different design and color scheme than my competition.

For your title, like I mentioned before, you wanna include yourtarget keyword once.

Other than that, your goal with your title should be to maximizeyour click-through rate.

As you can see, my video title is emotionally compelling.

I also include the current year so people know that thecontent is still relevant.

Finally, you wanna writesomething compelling in the first few linesof your description.

Most people put a link totheir website or channel here and it's a huge mistake.

Nothing looks less enticing to click on than a link to someone's website.

Instead, write a sentence or two that includes your targetkeyword in a compelling way.

For example, in my SEOvideo my first sentence is, "If you wanna rank in Google today, "there's a new SEO rankingfactor to pay attention to.

" And this attention-grabbingline gets more people to click on my result.

If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to myYouTube channel right now.

Just click on the subscribebutton right here.

Also, if you want exclusiveSEO and traffic techniques that I only share with subscribers, head over to backlinko.

Com andsign up for the newsletter.

It's free.

Now I wanna turn it over to you.

Which of the five rankingsignals from this video are you gonna try first? Are you gonna try to create longer videos or maybe you're gonna startoptimizing your videos for click-through rate? Let me know by leaving acomment below right now.

Okay, the stage is yours.

All right, I'll do it for real this time.

Yeah, very, very slight.

Do it like what up? I don't know.


Your thumbnail.

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Simple Strategies to Improve Your SEO

Hey there.

SEO is a hot topic.

I know you’ve heard of it, and I hope you’vealso thought about it for your own website.

Improving your search results is a processthat takes time, patience, and hard work.

Although we can agree that there’s no shortcutto the top of the search engine results page, there are a few basic strategies the aspiringSEO specialist can use to get results.

In this video I’m going to walk you throughsix ways you can improve your SEO.

Number 1: Optimize for keywords.

SEO is all about getting found online.

When someone searches for a particular wordor sentence that relates to your business, you want to come up in results.

But how do you do so? Think about the keywords and phrases you wantpeople to use to find you, and put them in your website content.

Update the descriptions on each page’s SEOsettings, and maintain a blog.

You can always check up on how your site isperforming for those keywords using Wix’s handy SEO Wizard, found in your site’s manager.

And you can always optimize for new keywordsas your business grows! Number two: Front-load those titles.

What exactly does this mean? It means that your keywords should appearat the beginning of your title whenever possible (as long as it still makes sense).

Why? Because search engines weigh keywords at thebeginning of the title more heavily than those at the end.

When creating a title, you need to think abouthow someone would search for your topic or business if they were typing into Google.

Would your title cause someone to click onit or to check out another result? Number 3: Be kind to Mobile.

We can’t emphasize enough how importantit is to be mobile friendly these days.

Think about how much more you are doing onyour phone today, compared to a few years ago.

Nowadays, people often complete the entirecustomer journey on their mobile devices.

And when someone is searching on their mobiledevice, Google will give preference to mobile-optimized sites.

Fortunately, every Wix website has a mobileversion, too! Be sure to regularly check how your websitelooks on your phone.

When you make any changes, preview them inthe mobile editor first to make sure your site looks great on mobile too.

Number 4: Content still rules.

There’s still no substitute for contentthat keeps users intrigued about your site.

Whether it’s a blog page with interestingstories or industry info, or constant updates to your Facebook page, fresh content givesusers a reason to return to your website.

It will also give you more of an opportunityto naturally include more keywords.

Number 5: Include visible share buttons.

Social share buttons make it easy for sitevisitors to share your content across different channels.

By now we all know how crucial it is to havea presence on multiple social media platforms.

Adding buttons from Facebook, Twitter, andLinkedIn among others is an easy and effective way to spread your content via social media,and you’ll be more likely to get found.

And finally, number 6: Make friends.

By this I don’t mean simply adding to yourfriend count on Facebook.

I mean building relationships so you can naturallyacquire more backlinks to your site.

Become familiar with other sites within yourindustry.

Establish relationships, share and link tocontent on other websites, and reach out to offer your guest blogging services.

As I mentioned at the beginning, effectiveSEO takes time and a bit of patience.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be an expertto get your site running on the right track.

If you’re willing to put in the effort tobuild your site’s SEO, it will pay off in the long run.

Try employing these basic techniques to geta nice jump start on the process.

Thanks for joining me! See you soon.

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SEO company in Surat contact us 91-8692-999510

this is Jack after working for a Splunk for 10 years he decided to go out on his own and open his own plumbing company but after being open for over a month he is struggling to find new customers for his business and he is close to giving up and going back to work for Ace this is sarah she is a search marketing consultant she helps small businesses get new customers by making sure that search engines like Google and Bing know that they exist she knows that a business that is not on page one is like a business that's located in the middle of the desert it has very little chance of thriving and growing luckily Jack was introduced to Sarah by a mutual friend and after a few short weeks his business is beginning to grow because of the new customers has gotten from his website and the traffic that she's brought to him through google would you benefit from having more visitors to your website if so contact us today to find out how we can help SEO Expert in Surat.

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Seo outsourcing

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0 social media PBN blogs etc now if you're not an expert in on page or off-page optimization then you need to find someone that is if you want to keep your clients you're gonna have to do this get the best one you can afford for your money but they say it again find the best SEO outsourcing company or service that you can these out sourcers are some people called freelancers are unusually good at what they do in that aspect of SEO sometimes that's all that they do who would you want to do to say your your video marketing guy that does this every single day for someone who's good at sales but sucks at SEO there's a site i want to introduce you to it's called Konker K O N K E R it has been high quality SEO outsourcing gigs and services and it's much better than fiber it's not really a fiverr alternative as fiverr has too many junk spammy gigs won't do your clients any good except help you lose it works about the same ways fiver it requires a paypal account and has a much better buyer seller review system head on over to Konkerr and see how easy it is outsource your SEO work then you could focus more on your clients and getting more of them.

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Ecommerce SEO – Get Traffic to Your Online Store [Top 4 Factors]

– In this video, I'm gonna show you how to get more traffic to your ecommerce site.

Specifically, you're gonnasee the four most influential ranking factors that go into ranking your online store to the top of Google.

These are the same rankingfactors that one of my students recently used to dramatically increase his ecommerce site's organic traffic.

I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketers turn for high rankings and more traffic.

And if you wanna learn how to quickly get more traffic and customersto your ecommerce site, make sure to watch the rest of this video.

(techno music) A student of mine, Darren Dematas, recently decided to launchhis first ecommerce site, the camping and survivalgear store, TopSpecUS.


Like many ecommerce entrepreneurs, Darren was a new player in asuper-competitive industry.

Most people in hisposition would just create a bunch of product pagesand hope for the best.

Please get traffic, please gettraffic, please get traffic.

But Darren knew that ecommerce SEO would make or break his site's success.

So he focused on the four ranking factors that I'm about to showyou and organic traffic to his most importantproduct and category pages increased across the board,sometimes as much as 259%.

Now that you've seen how well these four ranking factorswork, it's time for me to show you exactly what they are and how you can take advantage of them.

Okay, let's kick things off with ecommerce SEO ranking factornumber one, Domain Authority.

Here's the deal, it's no secret that the quantity and quality of the backlinks pointing to your site isGoogle's top ranking factor.

And, yes, this also appliesto ecommerce websites.

The question is, how can youget someone to link to your site if it's made up of 100%product and category pages? The short answer, you can't.

The fact is, people wanna link to sites that have valuable content.

Without that, you're gonnahave a hell of a time building white hat backlinks.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that even ecommerce sites can publish awesome content.

When you do, you'll build up your site's overall domain authority,which will help your product and category pages rank in Google.

In fact, ecommerce giantslike Amazon very rarely have links pointing directlyto their product pages.

Instead, they rank based ontheir sitewide link authority.

For example, when Darrenfirst launched TopSpecUS, he created a high-value round-up post called Pistol ShootingTips from 20 Sharpshooters.

And because this postattracted quality backlinks, it increased his site's Domain Authority, which boosted the rankings of one of his important category pages,Heavy Duty Bags, by 259%.

The bottom line? Use content marketing to increase your ecommerce site'soverall Domain Authority.

That boost in DomainAuthority will increase the rankings of yourproduct and category pages.

Next up, we have a rankingfactor that's super important, product page optimization.

If you're like most ecommerce site owners, a good chunk of your search engine traffic goes to your product pages.

But more importantly, 100% of your conversionscome from your product pages.

In other words, the more traffic you get to your product pages, themore money you'll make.

The question is, how do you optimize your product pages for SEO? It's simple, use thisfour step action plan.

First, add modifiers to yourproduct page title tags.

Now you obviously wannause your target keyword in your title tag, but don't stop there.

Adding what I callmodifiers to your title tag can help you rank for dozensof long tail searches.

For example, let's saythe target keyword for your product page is noisecancelling headphones.

Instead of making a title tag simply noise cancelling headphonesat Headphones R' Us.

Com, you'd add a word or two thatpeople are likely to use when searching for that keyword.

Here's some common terms that people use when searching for products in Google.

So, your title tag couldbe something like this.

The words best and cheapare title tag modifiers and these terms will helpyou naturally show up for long tail searchesthat contain those words.

Next, you wanna add magnetwords to your title.

I see very few peopleoptimizing their title tags for click through rateand it's a huge mistake.

After all, Google has stated that they use CTR in their algorithm.

And even if they didn't use CTR, it still makes sense to optimize your title tag with CTR in mind.

Why? Because higher CTR means more clicks which means more trafficwhich means more sales.

Fortunately, you can easily boost your CTR by adding these magnet words to your product and category page title tags.

Here's an example of thesemagnet words in action.

Now it's time foron-page tip number three, which is to include atleast 1000 words of content on your most important product pages.

Industry studies havefound that longer content tends to rank better in Google.

And yes, these findings alsoapply to ecommerce sites.

The fact is this, Googlewants to understand what your page is all about and when you provide lotsof content to Google, you help them do just that.

Plus, when you publish longcontent, your customers can help understand what they're about to buy.

So it can increase conversions too.

Now, you're probably not gonna have time to write 1000 words of content for every product page on your site.

That said, I highly recommend writing long product descriptions for your 10 most important product pages.

For example, this Amazon product page for a Kitchen Art mixerboasts 2,109 words.

Now it's time for our lastproduct page optimization tip which is to include your targetkeyword three to five times.

Let me be clear here,this has nothing to do with keyword density or keyword stuffing.

It's simply making sure yourkeyword appears on your page so Google understands whatyour page is all about.

For example, if your targetkeyword was 6 Quart Crockpot, you'd wanna make sure youhave that exact phrase in your product descriptionat least three times.

Now it's time for our third ranking factor which is your website architecture.

Site architecture or howthe pages on your site are organized and arranged, is an important SEOconsideration for any site.

But it's twice as importantfor ecommerce websites.

That's because your averageecommerce site has a lot more pages than your average blogor local pizza shop website.

With that many pages, it's critical that your site architecturemakes it easy for users and search engines to find the most important pages on your site.

The secret, following the golden rule of ecommerce site architecture.

Keep every page three or fewerclicks from your home page.

For example, take a look atthis site's architecture.

What's wrong with this picture? The site's architecture is way too deep.

Most ecommerce sites tendto get the most links and therefore authorityto their home page.

And when you have adeep site architecture, that authority is diluted by the time it reaches your productand category pages.

In this example, it takes six clicks to reach the first product page.

So, what's the solution? Make sure your products are no more than three clicks from your home page.

PetSmart sets up their sitewith this rule in mind.

For example, let's say that you wanna get a new dog food bowl for Fluffy.

You'd head to the site's homepage and click the dog link.

Then click bowls and feeders.

And you've have a list ofproducts in that subcategory.

Just like that, you found what you want.

And Google can easily find and index all of PetSmart's product pages.

Now it's time for our last Google ecommerce ranking factor, URL length.

I recently teamed up with a bunch of SEO software companiesto conduct the largest search engine ranking factor study ever.

In total, we analyzed amillion Google search results.

So, what did we find? We discovered that short URLs tend to rank better than long URLs.

For example, let's saythat your ecommerce site sells organic bird food.

All things being equal, URL number one would rank better than URL number two.

One word of warning, youdon't necessarily wanna go back and change yourlong URLs to shorter ones.

That can cause serious SEO issues.

Instead, set up yourURL structure so all of your new product and categorypages have short URLs.

Did you learn somethingcool from today's video? If so, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel right now.

Just click on the big oleSubscribe button right here.

Also, if you want exclusive SEO techniques that I only share with email subscribers, head over to backlinko.

Com andsign up for the newsletter.

It's free.

Now, I wanna turn it over to you.

Which of the techniques from this video are you going to use first? Are you gonna start to buildup your Domain Authority or maybe you wanna startusing shorter URLs.

Let me know by leaving acomment below right now.

This teaches you also.

I'mhaving last video syndrome.

(man yelling in background)No, not Nelly, man.

There's a bug on the screen.

If you wanna learn.

Blah,blah, blah, kinda thing.

Next to.

It's hard to fake it.

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Wix SEO Basics

Hi I'm Justin from the Wix Customer Solutions team In this video we'll discuss Search Engine Optimization You've probably heard it's more popular name – SEO In short, SEO is the process of improving your website's rankings in search engine results Managing your site's SEO is one of the most important things you can do to promote it and that's why when it comes to SEO we've got you covered with industry-leading features and capabilities that have helped countless Wix sites appear as top search results In order to understand SEO let's first take a look at how search engines work There are over 130 trillion individual pages online today and that number keeps growing Search engines like Google crawl and organize or index these trillions of pages so when you type in a search the search engine knows which websites are the most relevant for you In this video I'm going to share a few of our top tips to give your Wix website the best possible SEO Search engines scan the content of websites to determine what the site is about the same way that you might scan the pages of a newspaper Looking at this newspaper your eyes can immediately locate the title, the title of articles, the main idea of the articles, any images on the page and the description below the images.

Just like certain keywords in a newspaper article will tell you what the story is about grand opening or upcoming election, for example you should use keywords in your website content that will tell search engines all about your site You can determine these keywords by thinking what terms people would use to search for your website and just as you won't find the same article twice in a single newspaper it's really important that you regularly create new unique content on each of your site's pages So, if your services include video editing and you're based out of Seattle then include those keywords in your website's content We all want to rank high in search results but always keep in mind that you're writing for humans so be sure you're writing high-quality, interesting and original content that your readers will want to read Each page on your site should have its own unique set of heading tags just like a headline on the front page of a newspaper An H1 tag acts as the page headline and search engines will scan it to see what each page is about Inside the Wix editor, click Add from the left menu followed by Text to see the different H tag options You can drag and drop the relevant tag right onto your page You can also easily click on an existing text element such as this title, make sure to select it all and click Edit Text Click the Themes drop-down menu to see the available options Notice that H1 through H6 are indicated here and select the relevant heading tag for each heading on your page Now let's talk about Meta Tags Meta tags refer to your site's title and description they are the content that people see when your website appears in search engine results and you can give each page on your website a title and description For many visitors these meta tags will be the first thing they read about your site so fill them with relevant keywords To add meta tags click the pages menu from the top bar of the Editor and select the page Click the show more icon followed by page SEO First, go ahead and enter a title for your page Include keywords like your business name and location Next you'll write a description for each page of your site Here you can describe what visitors will see and read on your website Use relevant keywords and phrases so search engines can index your pages correctly and show it to people searching for websites like yours Write using vivid and engaging language When people see your descriptions in search engine results this description may convince them to click on your site You can also click Preview on Google to see how it will look in search results Keep in mind that it may take some time before your new page title and description appear in search results Search engines have countless pages to scan and index so be patient When Google scans your site and encounters images it's not able to see them the way that we do Alt text is content that lets search engines understand what your images are showing It's a great way for your images to help your website rank on search engines and it's easy to add Just like with meta tags alt text doesn't appear on your site but it helps improve your websites SEO To add alt text click an image then click the Settings icon and briefly describe your image here Add alt text to any important images on your site including gallery images There are also a few quick additions that can help improve your website's search engine result rankings Add a contact form to your site Add your business contact information to your site's footer This can include your email, phone number, and address Add social links to connect your site to all your Social Network Accounts Check out our social bar feature in the Editor to add these links in no time And lastly, we suggest adding a blog to your site It's a great way to generate fresh high-quality content on a regular basis Before I let you go I want you to keep in mind that it may take some time before you see your site appear in search results Remember to periodically update your site using the tips we suggested in this video Search engines love new content To learn more about SEO or any other topic please visit our Help Center at Wix.

Com Thanks for watching.

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The SEO Heroes | Become an SEO Hero and Defend the Internet | Teaser


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Google Seo Tips for quick ranking by Roy Digital

hi friends hi hello this side Roy Digital back again and today we will learn that SEO in just 17 minutes yes guys it really did happen in SEO I will mention some few of the very basic and important point where you can rank easily in Search Engine result page which which is known as SERP's okay So, let the move move into what all we can do so that we can rank well with certain keywords into google search and believe me Google is one of the biggest Search Engine in this world so that you can rank easily and if you can rank easily believe me you are going to get a lot of traffic to your site so what is the first point we should that we should learn in SEO okay let's see tell me you're in the slide you will learn how to write SEO optimized content ok so let's see what all you are going to learn the very first thing guys it is absolutely true yes content is the king well if you're not writing a very valuable content right so you you are not able to rank in Google searches and believe me that is absolutely right that content is the king whatever you are writing please write fresh please write unique and try to get more value to your content so that people can read it and no matter how expert you are in a SEO of course no matter if your content don't have value you cannot ranked your website on google search engine result page and that is absolutely true ok so that is why we need to optimize that your content should be very valuable ok let's see what all we can do to make to give a value to our to our content right so let's move it the very first thing is that you can do for your site is Right unique and fresh content ok so if you're writing a content which is unique like no other people have written that he sort of content before to you but believe me you are going to rank very fast and fresh content means like you know that it's first time the people are writing and the nobody else have written it so far that the same content and nobody has published that yet ok so then in that case you are going to definitely rank you must not copy any other already published content that is quite obvious why would you go and copy somebody else's content if the content is already there in the internet there is no need to publish it again you can just modify those content as for your words but don't copy as it is which is already been published otherwise you will get penalised by google ok so try to write as fresh as you can from your bottom of the heart for example I should know i should know what I'm going to write otherwise uh I i will get get any value from google and Google will not going to give me any rank because Google has already a lot of content available or for that particular subject so why should they give me a rank ok so please try to write something fresh and something unique once you write must check the plagiarism of your content like you know the plagiarism will give you an idea that may be co-incidently you have written something which has already been published in the Google so don't don't do that okay your content must be minimum eighty percent unique for example if I'm writing something on the subject on some particular subject that subject needs to be unique but a eighty percent unique is fine because you know 20-perfcent maybe copied maybe I'm giving some references to our big quotations are coming in quotations from from very bigger personalities so it may go the same ok it we cannot modify their content of the of their quotation what they have said so of course that would be let's not be unique in that case 80 percent uniqueness is justified so any 80 percent content can be unique original rest 20 percent can be copied so then you are not going to penalized by Google okay i hope you understand let's move into the new slides which says word count, yes word count is very important guys, write more than minimum 400 words if you wish to rank in Google search engine result pages right so if you're not writing more than four hundred words and you are writing less than 400 words believe me you are not going to rank at Google anyhow because google is something which are which needs content more and more content of as much content you can feed to google, google will be after you so don't try to write a less than 400 words if you wish to rank on Google that is the first thing Second, it has been sees that word count of 700 800 words rank very often and believe me if you're going to write 700 – 800 words and more than that who are the more that because you will get more value by other people who are writing the same content or who are writing that sort of content below or less than your words the quantity so you will get the more preferences of the people who are writing less words that you okay so try to write more and more words another slide says language yes, language ease how easily you are going to elaborate or how easy are going to tell your words in English so try to write as easy as possible you feel don't try to write a very complicated English no of course not because google bots discourage those type of complicated English try to write a really simple english I am boy my name is this and I lived in i lived here to this type of easy language is always considerable ok and third is try to avoid passive voice always use active voice don't try to write on behalf of somebody else's ok right you're active voice and a simple English Ok, and then write small sentences of 10-12 words maximum don't try to right a very long heavy words which will make a reader bore which will lead to definitely will give a boredom to your readers if you will write a very long sentences and which will not make sense the case to try to write small and small words and sentences ok so that is what the language is now content decoration ease now conent decoration is very important to divide your entire content into several paragraphs for example if you're trying to write a very good number of words in your entire topic so what you can do you can divide your entire content into into several paragraphs and one paragraph must contain 70-80 word's maximum so, always use bullet points to mention your step of your content that that of course because bullet points are the easiest way to read any steps or any points which you would like to mention in your content so try to write it ok so that is that is what the bullet point is very necessarily ok what's that first pargraph must start wiith a headline which will get a tag of H1 always start with headline of the any topic because without the headline we cannot judge that what we are going to read in the paragraph so always keep headline and please tag it as an h1 which is a which is a as absolutely an HTML code so of course you can give a H1 tag You can learn from any other videos of mine videos of mine here in the channel but right now just try to understand he you need to just include a headline of a 2-1 ok let's move to the next slide of it here in this slide correct language use always good grammer if you are not that good in English than do one thing a hire somebody on behalf of you who can write a good English and avoid spelling errors believe me I do a lot of spelling errors so, that's why I try to avoid it spelling errors are not considerable not unnecessary population lacks know gamma north miami garland north of years and no unnecessary anything ok so try to avoid it noble forms an extensive capitalization don't try to write the entire content into capital letters no don't do that believe me that is that in raticate now park that is yours a game of keyword without keyword insertion know as you can happen ever ok so that is what I'm going to see what all you need to maintain in this contained keyboard entry key replacement and keyword approximately what all of those days let's read so the way for us and keyword consideration now what you need to do you have to use minimum one person to maximum different types of the fewest ratio for example in writing thousand words and they contain so what goes in 10 times I can repeat the keyword into that content and maximum is a revised version yeah anybody's works pretty forward I can repeat but that doesn't mean that you are going to repeat again and again those left like if my then okay if I'm writing by one worden i multiply times you can write your primary keywords and maximally the later in time that is if i'm adding I work okay the one thing but not try to repeat again again at the key word again k liye like that it Mike you what is a black shoes so don't the right back to black slacks black black shoes again and again try to write black shoes black boots black of formal shoes so you can use an audience of that work cake so keyword placement of course heading one of your content around the keywords what it was ahead of you I think please try to write your primary keyword intellect getting that would give the relevancy of your content for the keyword first line of your backup must continue pragmatic you again so you're going to write a paragraph the first bag off and the fourth and market in your friend Ricky would again that will give a relevant piece to your keyword selected then everything got the tent at least one planet the keyword respective workplaces temple now rest of the background of course you can you have to write your family would do it but that doesn't mean that you're going to write at the race was intense know that is only applicable for the pause paragraph ok so use more than more coming words as I said Alice eyes of the gravity would so what I was saying the war again and again don't write the theme word into the interview and that content for example your family keywords dog training so don't a photography drop training dog training dog training don't in respect of dog training you can i Papa training training dog training guided trip so this is what you can do right now the next keyword proximity he was possibly the capping between yogi with his honesty with proximity for example dogs training is your primary keyword but there is no gas in between but if you are writing dogs are your friends that training necessary there's a cabin between your keywords and that is not a keyword proximately dogs are our friends their training so they have at five world watching for you fold forwards between men that again also it will count as LT work but as the cabbages between then that is fine but the right to Whitecap more and more gaps ok so that is what is suggested as a key word proximate and the next is regulation you have enough optimizer content about this way you can optimize the entire content and you you can start ranking and SEO better than thistle and this is the only thing which makes me always a higher rank or that actually gives me a high-ranking into my own content so if you really like this with you and if you really are loved what I have done sure to please like this video and subscribe to the channel thank you guys have a nice day bye.

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Seo Youtube – How to Rank Youtube video in 1 hour

This Video is contains New & Powerfull Seo Tips Did not tension about language because you can understand this by seening the video.

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