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The SEO Heroes | Become an SEO Hero and Defend the Internet | Teaser



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Can an SEO HERO Reconnect the World? |

Howdy SEO Heroes.

The world needs your help The notorious villain Apocalinks has decided To break all the links in the world, And if we don't stop him soon.

Everything will be disconnected! You have to find the only man Who can guide you on your path.


You don't mean.

Yes! I'm talking about.


Wo! Wo! Wo! Wo!!! But.


No one has seen him for years.

You have to find him ASAP.

There's nothing more important than that right now And now, if you excuse me, My "Whiteboard Friday" is about to begin so.

Take care! Great.

What are we going to do now? Found him.

All I had to do is local search him in the most distant place on earth.


You come with me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Matt, Sir.

Oh, we're so glad we found you.

We came to seek your help.

All the links in the world are broken.

Apocalinks is coming, we need your help.

S…E…Ommmmmmm… You must search the organic results within yourself.

Optimize your chakra… Wow.

That's deep.

He's a genius.

All you have to do is search around… Wait! I got it! All we have to do is SEARCH around! Yes! that's it.

Oh, bring it out.

You're an animal.

That's right, show me some fur.

Oh, Mi-ao! Perfect, perfect! Now this pose should be worth a couple of links.

Ah Proxy.

Content people.

SEO Heroes, The world is linked again.

howdy'you do it? Well.

We used Matt's Cats!.

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Claudi & Fin’s Growth Hacking SEO Marketing Accelerator Case Study | Rebel Hack

CLAUDI AND FIN Claudi and Fin is greek style frozen YoghurtLolly and it’s packed full of fruit and is enriched with Vitamin D and it’s madewith creamy greek style of yoghurt and whole milk.

Its much lower in sugar than any otherice lollies on the market and it contains the same number of calories as a carrot.

Tell us the story of Claudi and Fin We started Claudi and Fin in 2014 when wecouldn't find any children’s ice lollies that we wanted to feed our own children whohappen to be called Claudi and Fin.

So we set about making our own in our kitchens insouth London.

And initially the plan was just sell them at farmers markets but luck wouldhave it that we spotted a competition advertising a Pitch-Up competition with Sainsbury'sand we decided to enter and to cut a very long story short we won it and having neversold a lollies to anybody we suddenly found ourselves with a contract to supply to 250Sainsbury stores.

So that was how the business came about really.

Where do you see the future of Claudi andFin? I think we want Claudi and Fin to grow andgrow and become a household name.

We want to launch more products which give peopledifferent healthy alternatives to existing ice lollies and tubs of ice cream and eventuallywe see ourselves outside of the frozen aisles all together looking at other healthier rangesfor children.

What was it that you specifically needed fromRebel Hack? When we decided to engage with Rebel Hackwe were keen to make sure that we were able to sell ourselves online in the best possibleway.

We were about to launch a digital video campaign which we were rolling across socialmedia channels and we wanted to make sure that when people sort of have the name intheir heads and they are searching for it and they have the best possible chance tofind our brand online so we knew that SEO optimisation was something that we needed tolook at and we felt that Rebel Hack were the company do it for us.

What was it like working with Rebel Hack? I found Rebel Hack to be incredibly professionalright from the initial conversation all the way through to the delivery of the objectivesthat we put in place for them.

There is the incredible team, incredibly knowledgeable.

They are all very kind at explaining things that I don't necessarily understand, seo isa world that is a bit of a murky thing for me.

I found them efficient, professional,they delivered when they said they would and I was really satisfied with the results.

In terms of analytics setup, What did RebelHack achieve? Rebel Hack set up a comprehensive analyticalframework for us and then what was even more amazing was that they provided us with thecoaching so that we understood how we could use that going forward as a business.

It’sadded tremendous value.

In terms of organic search, what did RebelHack achieve? Rebel Hack increased our organic traffic by52% over our summer period which is a crucial time for us and we were really impressed withthat.

They also increased the number of keywords which we ranked for by 450% so we are reallychuffed!.

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Learn about SEO from KC entrepreneur Harrison Proffitt | Whiteboard Talks

Hey let me take a minute and tell you about something that is essential to your business and creating a great online presence.

My name is Harrison Proffitt I'm the fou nder of Bungii, your friend with a pickup truck.

now what I'm going to tell you about today is SEO: search engine optimization basically SEO is creating that trust score with the almighty search engine Google.

Now SEO can be very difficult and overwhelming at first, but I found that if you focus on three main points then you can rank higher than your competitors and you can show up at the top of the results of Google so there are three parts of SEO title tags, external links, and original content help title tags are like keywords they're specific to your page your Web page so when someone searching on Google what Google does is they fetch pages that match those keywords so for example if someone searched "moving app Kansas City" Bungii is gonna be at top of list because we've optimize our website for those keywords and for that title tag.

the second pillar as I like to call it, of SEO is external links external links are other websites linking back to your site.

so the more people and more website so you have linking back to you more credibility and trust you build with Google.

the last pillar of SEO its original content, or thought leadership as I like to call it this is an ongoing task basically stagnant websites lose credibility and trust with Google in the long run so what you wanna do is continually added new photos new videos new content say blog to your website on a daily basis this is a living breathing task that you godda' work continueously soon so again the three pillars of SEO are title tags external links and original content thought leadership pounds head on over to BentzCreative.

Com and learn more about search engine optimization.

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