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Why is Viva Video the best Video Editing App?


Competition in the app market is fierce. Developers are creating apps one after another, and competing for acceptability amongst users. There are hundreds, probably thousands of video editing apps in the app market. So what has made Viva Video the best video editing app in the market?

The features of Viva Video App:

  1. Viva video allows you to crop, trim and create professional looking videos with the simple click of a button.
  2. You can download videos from your gallery or create new videos using the vivavideo app.
  3. Add effects, stickers, filters, themes and many such special effects on your videos to make them more lively.
  4. The Viva Video app is free and available over various platforms.
  5. Downloading the Viva Video app is extremely easy.
  6. You can create video montages and collages using photos or short video clips on the viva video app.
  7. Pick from 300+ video effects that range from using filters, stickers, animated clips, gifs, text boxes, etc. to add life to your everyday basic videos.
  8. Your edits can be reviewed instantly.
  9. Save and share the videos with your friends and family over social media platforms such as Vimeo, Vine, Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Google +, WeChat, etc.
  10. Speed up or slow down your videos to precisely 0.25x and up to 4x times using the Viva Video app.
  11. You can choose from multiple camera lenses such as collage, Music cam, Funny, Basic, Selfie, etc.
  12. A special funny camera which lets you show ‘prank effects’ and share these with your friends.
  13. Download GIPHY and enjoy the latest GIF’s and animated texts. Save and share them with your friends. You can even add these GIF’s and animated texts on your videos to make your videos more interesting.
  14. The special video in video effect in Viva Video allows you to add two videos over one another and simultaneously play them for a special effect.

 How to download Viva Video:

For android users;

  1. Visit the PlayStore
  2. Search for the viva video app in the search tab
  3. Install and enjoy the viva video app on your smartphone!
  • For iOS users;
    1. Go to the AppStore
    2. Search for Viva Video app in the search tab
    3. Install and use the Viva Video app on your iOS device!

 Download Viva Video for PC;

  1. Download an android emulator such as Bluestacks 2 app.
  2. Download the Bluestacks exe file on your personal computer and launch it.
  • Search for the Viva Video app in the android emulator search bar. Download the app and enjoy the amazing features of Viva Video on your PC!

Viva Video video editing and slideshow making app has gained immense popularity amongst all its users due to its easy and user friendly interface, various features and compatibility over all platforms. Creating professional looking movies or funny, goofy videos to send your friends has never been easier. The Viva Video app is hands down the best video editing app that you can download!

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